It seems at times that my progress and my regress are duking it out. I’m making some effort not to judge it all. Excuses or reasons? 

The facts of the case are that life became amazing during the holidays. So many dear friends popped up. Nearly mythical humans materialized before my very eyes. I couldn’t tear myself away. Nature exploded it’s long-hidden Father Sun on the scene right when I needed some serious R&R. A few family birthdays passed. The biggest party days of the year. And yes, it’s true, I found myself at the end of some days not even having one copy of the GS around! 

Then the message set in. Sacrifice. My old blueprint was taking over. Persistent, continuous action had fallen to the wayside. But how to pull it together? Oh this fumbley middle ground! Enough already, I want to be the woman on my movie board. 

In a way I’m still convinced that it was the work of this course that brought about much of that wild ride I just landed from. And I’ll have many more holidays and raucous good times ahead that I need to remain focused through. So it’s all going into the cosmic bank of experience. And I remain dedicated to my DefMP, and the work of creating my dream world. So all is well that ends well. 

Im learning how to blend it all. The old me, and the real me shining through. The way of Nature, and the way of society. The planned, and the unexpected. The necessary, and the fluff. The indulgent, and the addiction. The chores and the service. It’s all part of the Great Cosmic Swirl. If you want even a piece of Mastery in this Grand Dream, you have got to stay on top of your game!