I went to a women’s group a few months back on an evening when the topic was around healing our past wounds through art and empowerment. I’m always down to play with paint and markers! Although I honestly prejudged that the experience would not be healing in any deep way. 

The assignment was simple. Think back to your childhood and recall six limiting beliefs that have shaped your life. She only gave us 5 minutes to do this which reminded me of mkmma. It wasn’t about looking into it deeply and reliving old wounds. It was about transmuting that limiting belief into truth. What was the truth of that belief? Then take that thought and make an affirmation out of it. We then painted a piece of watercolor paper and when it dried we wrote our affirmations on it. Voila! Affirmation cards designed for our very own unique issues! 

One of my limiting beliefs was surrounding that I always seemed to like things that my parents thought were weird, expensive, inconvenient, etc. Hence the constant redirection to try to get me to like things that they liked or simply things that worked with their needs. Understandable but ultimately limiting AF!! 

I was having quite a time figuring out how to translate that limiting belief into an affirmation but wound up developing the statement in the image above. “I like what I like.” I laughed and I even cried and I loved it immensely and still do! 

It took a whole lot of years to give myself permission to like what I like and I’ll tell ya what, I think a lot of people can resonate with that! As we went around the room looking over other people’s varied and creative affirmations, most of the women stopped at that one of mine and felt very empowered. I realized how much everyone seems to be living from this place. How many billions upon billions of beings are being brought into this life without permission to live from their authentic desires. 

Most people. It’s part of this waking up Haanel is talking about. What if? What if the world was populated with free thinkers, authentic souls living from a place of pure acceptance of who they are? I love imagining this. More and more throughout this course I’m unfolding my true nature. I’m thinking less, visualizing more. I’m worrying less, doing more. I’m judging less, giving more. 

After webinar 17 and the little talking to we got about the kind of people that are doing all the work and the kind of people that aren’t, I decided to take a different road. Instead of judging why I’ve fallen a little behind on a couple of the assignments I decided to give myself permission to only do the parts I wanted to do. And only when I wanted. I wanted to know where my true allegiance was and what was bringing me authentic joy. 

Basically the result was: I did exactly the same stuff I had been doing! Which wasn’t every last thing but was a lot. I found that I WANT to do them. Not because the teacher will give me a bad grade if I don’t. Not because my sister is way better at keeping up and she has two teenagers and a full-time job. Because I’m developing habits. Healthy habits. Habits that I like and that work with my DefMP. 

My mother programs computers and I program my subby. I’m amazed when things pop up that my subby is working out for me. Truly amazed. I want more. I’m drawn to this magic. This natural flow of energy. This gift from the Great Beyond. I’m thrilled to be learning a system, habits, and giving myself permission to rock them in whatever way feels natural to me.