I wouldn’t say that I doubt my intuition as much as it simply took a long time to acknowledge it. For a couple decades I didn’t even know that everyone wasn’t functioning from that same place. And I absolutely cherish Part 17 for elucidating the intricacies of keeping our intuition juicy.
Not only can we not ignore it, we have to thank it. Actually exercise intentional thought toward it. Expressing gratitude for the answers, insights, and relief that it brings. I truly am grateful for my intuition now in a way that I was missing a few weeks ago. And most importantly, we cannot let our ambitions disguise themselves as intuition. The results are a total bummer waiting to happen. And when we allow our fears and insecurities to mascarade as intuition, life gets pretty gnarly pretty fast. 
I’m grateful for my level-headed mother, who even though she rarely acknowledges her own intuition, has turned out to be one of the most intuitive people I’ve known. She pivots quickly when the astral ties combine in her head to reveal what she has missed. She speaks sharply when others hedge their bets, empowered by a silent, psychic database she can feel and doesn’t question. You can lie to my mother if you want. But you better deliver an Oscar-worthy performance. I was never wrongfully punished. I have, however, been told I would make an excellent actress. Yep, sorry mom, sometimes I strengthened the wrong muscles!
I’m grateful to have inherited and/or been nurtured into this realm of heightened intuition. And I am enjoying the process of appreciating it as a trusted ally. I’ve needed it more than ever lately. Life has a hilarious way of tossing its greatest tests at you in the middle of your most tender moments. It has come to pass that I’m going through this mkmma experience at the exact same moment as my country’s political landscape fell backwards in a quantum freefall. I admit I slipped into fear more than a few times. World War is not in my DMP. But as the hysteria settles and the index card pile grows, I am slowly enticed back to the reality of creating myself as I will. And my intuition tells me, this dark time ends. And it ends for the better of everyone that it touches. Trust in humor, trust in equilibrium, follow peace and follow wholesomeness. Know thyself, and unto thine own self be true. Smell the roses. 
Some great minds have graced this earth. Folks that tapped in -way in- to the greatness beyond our physical perceptions. They have put technology in our hands, our hands into space, brought “outter space” into our living rooms. And all of this using the same mind that I have. We all have this ability. I’m truly diving in to see what this glorious universe might have in store for me to share. What gifts await? So exciting.