The Super Bowl champion of my mind remains to be seen! Sometimes there are upsets. One side seems to gain so much ground as to bury its competition. Then from behind, the power of the underdog runs strong. Victory comes and victory goes. Defeat sleeps at night as well. In my world the jerseys seem to shapeshift and the field is on coasters, spinning every time I try to get my bearings, take inventory and check the scoreboard. 
New Blueprint vs Personality 
Old blueprint is yesterday’s news. It got traded to the tropics and found a new coach. You wouldn’t even recognize it. It’s the New Blueprint all the way. But still…. she has a personality. She likes personality. Her personality is… well it’s kinda cool, she’s a little attached to it, and maybe there’s a way it’s actually so darned charming it will entice the New Blueprint team to take a chill pill once in a while. She’s making that play. She’s interpreting Scroll 5 in her own special way. Because if it was the last day of my life she’d have me staring at the mountain for quite some time. And calls would surely be made but sales would surely not. 
So! Can I just admit that living every day to its fullest sounds exhausting to me! And reading about it 3 times a day requires naps. But then the guilt around that is like, a major buzzkill! I can live every 3rd or 4th day as if it is my last, does this mean I’ll never be the greatest?? Because I’m not sensing a lot of leeway in the prose here. Yep, Scroll 5 kinda stresses me out. I mean, I’m working with it, but I’m also like wow is it only the 9th? I’m having a very Scroll 3 relationship with Scroll 5. Wrapping my arms around it for the full embrace is still a bit illusive. 
So my work is cut out for me. Really owning this concept is clearly something I would not have endeavored to do if this Scroll had not come into my life. Perhaps there are ways it will work for me, habits to develop, snappy slogans to incorporate, or mental attitudes to master. Thank goodness I’m not a quitter! Life without these kinds of experiments just wouldn’t be as FUN! 
Post Script: for example, I wrote this blog post on the 9th and it’s being posted on the 19th. Is my life that busy you may ask? No it is not. I mean it is but definitely no more than average busy. Not the tear-your-hair-out-busy required to explain such shenanigans. Touchdown for Personality. But I’m not worried. New Blueprint is a formidable underdog!!