Not gonna lie, it’s time to make up for a lot of blog posts! As someone that loves writing it is odd that this particular requirement has been the one to fall the farthest to the wayside. I’ve been morphing the course requirements into a shape and size that works for me. What can I say, the work is paying off, which has made me one busy gal. 

I’ve had an internal struggle going on with my work sphere. I’m the kind of person that has always had to have peace with the gal in the glass. I can’t live any other way. And somehow I found myself smack dab in the middle of a potentially massively lucrative career, completely unable to grasp what my next steps could be. How could I get the job done without sacrificing authenticity and principles I’ve held so dear? This condundrum plagued me for the better part of 2 years. 

Enter the DMP. Put it all down on paper. “I’m thrilled to earn success in ways that feel 100% authentic to ME! I’m duplicating efficiently and enjoying the process.”  I honestly don’t really think I fully comprehended the power these words held. I love these parts of the process. (Like the hot tub that I wrote in at the last minute as almost a joke or a challenge, that fell into my lap on Valentine’s Day.) I had no idea the method that my vision would employ. I truly felt unattached, I just kept programming subby. And now my calendar is FILLED with appointments. My days are bustling with business that I’m happy to provide. It feels amazingly good. And also occasionally utterly exhausting. I admit, the house isn’t as clean as I like it. And my sleep pattern is way off due to international business. But those are not complaints. Just the next level of manifestation to clarify. 

I always keep my promises. And I recognize the pattern in my life known as “Cramming” 😬 But I’m completing all these blogs, from the little notes that I jotted down along the way, and from the exquisite memory that I have been blessed with, because I said I would. And because the chronicle is important. The journey is sacred. Mine has been brilliant, and inspiring. It’s been challenging, difficult, confronting, a tad embarrassing, humbling, and stupefying as well. But positivity bias is winning! My memories mostly linger on the ePIFanies, the revelations, the breakthroughs. The way my heart has lifted, become more bouyant and light. The way my soul feels heard, honored, and expressed. 

The freedom that I’ve gained from this experience is far more than worthy of a gorgeous Sunday filled with journaling! Thank you for being a patient witness to my experience. Thank you for finding something you resonate with in my reality. Thank you for adding to the MKE!