She thinks big thoughts. Permission. She thinks big thoughts. I have permission. She thinks BIG thoughts. She crushes small thoughts. She has permission. Seek the Truth. Know the truth. Think Big Thoughts. To thine own Self be True. I have Permission. 
That’s a peek into my Sit. Haanel said to seek the Truth in our sit for this week. The truth is, I had so many small thoughts to crush. The permission, if not the directive, was to think BIG thoughts. Leave no room for small thinking. It went over and over and over in my mind. 
I started wondering if my DMP was BIG enough!? I started assessing at what age, or which trauma, or by whose message had I started to think myself down? I retired the mental laborers that keep that ball rolling. They were exhausted anyway. How intense we can be! Constantly convincing ourselves that the evidence suggests that our fears are correct and our insecurities are actually spot-on accurate assessments. 
I remembered my dear friend’s mother. Who against all odds, overcame her demons. She sat in meditation for months, and moved herself from of a deep state of psychological dysfunction, to a healthy, loving woman. Where there was once only derangement, blame, and fear, grew a wholesome strength born from the Truth. She faced what she had done. She sought forgiveness. And she changed. And she inspired everyone around her in the process. 
I am grateful. I can’t say it enough. When I read my DMP now, it’s a true story. It’s a woman I believe in. It’s a life I am living. And there is so much more beyond it. What would the person I intend to become do next? Sit and listen for the Truth. Trusting in the perfect unfolding of a life with purpose. Knowing my True Power. Mastering my moods and maximizing my minutes. And filling it all with love.