My mind has opened so much. My thinking had become a limited loop of undirected, unending questions and half-dreams. My goals were hoping of being wishes. Wishes have more potential than my former “goals”. 
One of the first really beautiful experiences that I had practicing yoga was in San Francisco. A super early morning class that gave me enough time to get home, shower, eat, and ride my bike to work. As I lifted into Upward Facing Dog, I heard a voice, it was my voice, but utterly at peace, and it said, “There is time enough for all of your dreams to come true.” And tears instantly sprang forth from my eyes. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever heard. And I said it! From deep within. With the tone of cosmic consciousness. So I knew it was true. The sweetness overwhelmed my social graces without a fraction of a second of hesitation. And I was hooked. On yoga. On meditation. On transcendence. 
It gave me insight. But it also gave me permission. To say that I took Spirit up on that offer to experience everything I possibly could in this life is an understatement. Still, time is like a quiet bottle of wine. It can sit on a shelf collecting dust, but age sets in nevertheless. With maturity has come ever more desires. Even the desire of desirelessness. Before mkmma I definitely had started to wonder if some of the things I want in life were falling off the docket. 
I needed this course. I needed to get real. And specific. Detailed and clear. I feel the difference inside. Writing things down, visualizing, dedicating my time to the Law of Growth, sitting…. it all adds up to a sense of calm and assurance. The artistry of sculpting a life of my dreams mesmerizes me these days. 
Of course I’m finding that I want to rewrite my DMP. They said we would. How could we not? Of course we want to take the paintbrush and add a tad more this and a whole lot of that. My original dreams were more like the meager wishes of a beggar. I get it now. I haven’t even achieved all that much of what I’ve set out to, but enough signs have indicated it’s all going in that direction. So I’m fine-tuning the end result. Making sure more ducks fall into proper rows. And in some cases, removing the rows altogether to make sure the Will of the Nature is the decision maker. 
It’s a gorgeous life. I’m grateful beyond belief.