Press Release
Thanksgiving 2021

Leonardo DiCaprio interviews THE Jennifer Alice Murray for
Location: Kauai, HI

I’m enchanted. I admit it. Sitting in the Happy Place of Jennifer Alice Murray makes even a guy like me feel like the goodness of the world is winning. But this isn’t just any sensory heaven. Its nature’s embrace, in all it’s truth and glory. A wholesome high, curated by the divinity junkie herself.

I came to Kauai yesterday for this interview because she bet me five bucks that way more people would read the article if I experienced firsthand the living phenomenon that is the Beyond Belief Foundation. She said something about how visiting would affect the words, phrases, and sentences I’d use, and that alchemy would create countless sparks of recognition in people’s hearts. I found that logic compelling, and since a trip to Kauai is never a bad idea, I decided to see what I could see.

JAM is the founding member of the BBF which has captured the hearts and minds of millions in a short period of time. Many of the inspiring viral videos funneling toward you every day have their roots in this project. One minute it’s a grassroots herbal healthcare revolution, the next it’s a mystic nature spa masterfully built into this lush tropical landscape. But as I can tell within hours of being here, the true purpose of these endeavors has a much deeper significance. And I find myself compelled to learn more.

Leo: I can see why this place has become so legendary in such a short time. It’s a lot to take in, there must be a unifying mission that ties it all together. What is the intention of the BBF?

JAM: To co-create an enduring Culture that is in Harmony with the Laws of Nature. Our mission focuses on advancing community wellness and happiness. The BBF is a model and a testing ground for our community to get its needs met in a sustainable way. Wellness, nourishment and happiness are at the forefront of our agenda.

As I’ve traveled the world I’ve heard so many people speak of our country as a land void of culture. That always struck me as odd. How can we have such a vivid culture surrounding us at all times and yet people can’t see it. Like some sort of radical denial. We’ve always had culture, it just wasn’t a culture that felt right for a lot of us. People being born and raised as if earning money to have luxurious possessions is the entire point of life in this Garden is a difficult reality to digest even though it’s being fed to you all day long. Alas it’s where humanity in the States found itself, and where most of the world was aspiring to follow. For most of the last hundred years humanity dove deep into technology, partly in an effort to make life easier. But many viscous cycles developed and the last days of feeling like it was possible for anyone to conquer the world disintegrated when that very technology brought us together to see that we had a lot more in common. The vast majority of us have similar ideals. We just want to get along, co-exist, respect our differences, focus on our own healthy communities and come and go as we please.

Leo: Nice. Well I understand you have a background as a restaurateur and cookbook author. I might’ve thought your passion would be in the kitchen, but clearly you’ve branched out and everything here is part of a much greater whole. Let’s tell the world a little bit about the projects happening here.

JAM: Of course the community cafe was in some ways the easiest part of the work here. Everybody eats, and the abundance of food on Kauai is astonishing. So it fell together with grace. And my reputation in the field definitely drew in some of the original attention for the BBF. But we aren’t big on stifling creativity around here and since I’m not focused on that project these days it’s taken on its own life and charm. It warms my heart to see families gathered there. Nourishing themselves, taking it slow, talking story, socializing, and most of all participating in the cooperative model.

And at the same time I’m as proud as I can be of the Herbal CSA & Apothecary. Beside the fact that it is a gorgeous, healing experience just to walk through, it is also functional and provides the community with affordable wellness products. It’s been on the back burner of my thoughts for years and seeing it move into reality has been an exquisite joy. And I’m sure you had a moment to enjoy The Well, I’m so grateful to have found the designers and architects that dreamed up that design! We aimed to create a space for the soul to unbind and fly free and I believe we succeeded. A truly organic nature spa, that’s literally a dream come true that you can soak in!

But nothing could prepare me for the level of enthusiasm, support, and success of the youth center. To see young minds feel free to authentically unfold, tap into their gifts, develop healthy relationship skills, learn about the world, create, teach, and on and on… Pride, joy, fulfillment, are just too small of concepts. It’s so much bigger. There’s nothing more important than this gift to children, and to the child in everyone that didn’t get that chance. We even have Adult Youth groups to fill the massive need a lot of the parents and community members have from losing out on that experience in their own childhood. It’s so cute and yet so profound to watch the transformations, the liberation.

Having said that, yes I do believe that what we have our hands on is much larger than the sum of its parts. We are creating a new culture together. One that can endure change because it embraces change. One that accepts and allows. We practice adherence to Natural Law. And we all seem to agree that everyone knows the Truth when they hear it. Decisions have been surprisingly easy, and our dedication to the Truth has created a powerful magnet. We continue to attract professional, mature, loving, skilled people that add to both the beauty and the momentum of the foundation. So many people have this craving inside of them to participate in manifesting a lifestyle, a community, families, homes, and workplaces that feel healthy, and supportive. We are here meeting that need. And happy to do so.

Leo: Sounds like cause to celebrate! Seems as though you’re just as famous for your parties and festivals here as for your community work. How has that come to be, what roll do these celebrations have in the BBF?

JAM: Celebration is vital to our mission. We’ve got a lot to accomplish, but nature acts never in haste. Unwinding, replenishment, letting go, restoring your faith, laughing together, and so on are as vital to the health of the foundation as integrity and a strong work ethic. One of the main things that engages us and creates dedication to such profound humanitarian work is our shared commitment to enjoying our lives. Music is alive at all of our locations and art fills the landscape! We’re creating Culture here after all!
Leo: You refer to this as a model? Can other communities adopt it?

JAM: Absolutely. We are a completely transparent organization. We keep detailed transcripts of our progress so that others can learn from our successes and mistakes. Remember I have a background in multi-level marketing! Duplication is the magic word in business! Of course every community has different needs but we all share common goals. I’m fascinated to see how other regions design their communities and the different art and music that comes from them!
Leo: You don’t look very tired or stressed out for someone who’s created all of this in just 5 years!

JAM: Co-created! That’s the magic. The only part of this that I did myself was the original visioning, and believe me, this place is so much more sophisticated, and grand than I could’ve imagined. The reason for that is all of the people that have been called to work on these projects.

I always felt more drawn to work that could affect the community, or even humanity. I couldn’t embrace working as a private chef because putting all of my life energy into creating meals for one family, sometimes one person, just seemed like a huge waste of who I am. Yet the restaurant business was entirely too stressful. When network marketing found me I quickly realized I had found a way to earn money without stressing myself out and at the same time bringing relief and wellness to thousands. That sparked an evolution in my consciousness, and with guidance, ancient scrolls, and master keys I was able to turn my mind into a powerful mechanism for manifestation. If I feel stressed, I know I’m going in the wrong direction and I look around for the road less traveled. I allow stress to teach me and nudge me down healthier paths. I keep my sanity by prioritizing peace, harmony, meditation, fitness, wellness, and of course spending time in nature is paramount!

Leo: I get the feeling the BBF has more in store for Kauai. Care to share some of the future visions?

JAM: Too many to mention!! Ultimately it depends on the demands of the community. The vision is large. It spans decades, well beyond my years. When you know you’re creating something of this magnitude, a certain degree of patience sets in. It’s soothing and natural. Nature acts never in haste. Meanwhile, I think I’ll join my sister on her next LoveJam cruise! It’s time to take in some more of the world, bring greater health to it, and maximize fun at the same time!
Leo: As an environmental activist with prominent connections across the globe I can honestly say I’m impressed at how much impact a small group of people on one little island can generate. Kauai is an international hub of tourism which spreads the message and tales of the Foundation far and wide. People come for the waves, the trails, the beaches, and they leave with lasting impressions of hope for humanity.